Partner case

ABC E-Business

"If a customer wants more options than a standard integration, then Tinx comes into play."

ABC E BUSINESS has been an official Tinx partner since March 2022. We have already built a productive collaboration over the past 10 years, with the goal of providing customers with a tailored integration solution between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and their webshop. In an interview with Lars Hoving, CEO/Owner of ABC E BUSINESS, we delve deeper into their core activities, the added value they offer to their customers, and how the partnership with Tinx was established and is progressing.

A short introduction

“My name is Lars Hoving, CEO/Owner of ABC E BUSINESS. I have been with ABC E BUSINESS for almost 9 years now. I started here as the operational manager. Later, I transitioned into sales and marketing, and last June, together with Antoine Brok (the current operational manager), I took over ABC E BUSINESS. I wear the CEO title with great pleasure, but ultimately, I am responsible for sales and marketing on a daily basis.”

What makes ABC E BUSINESS unique as an ERP provider?

“Firstly, we pride ourselves on transparency towards our customers. We have chosen to list the prices of the products and services we offer online. Currently, this is presented as informational, but in the short term, it will also be possible to configure online. Companies will then be able to easily compile a quote independently. As a result, the customer can see in advance what the costs are for the module licenses, the time spent on their implementation, and the level of customer care they desire.”

“Secondly, it’s our approach to specific configuration solutions that customers may require. Usually, a customer needs a specific configuration solution, and for this, we do not immediately offer custom solutions; instead, we first look for a third-party solution, such as yours. We could build a webshop integration ourselves, but why reinvent the wheel when there are good partners who have already done this? If we cannot find a partner with a specific solution, we can always consider building it ourselves. Of course, we first ask the customer, are you sure about this? Perhaps you can adjust the process to work with a different solution? If that’s not feasible, we opt for the custom solution route to provide the best possible customer experience.”



“The first contact dates back quite some time, even before my time at ABC E BUSINESS. A client required an integration, which led to contact between Emile and Erica Hoekerd (CEO, Tinx). Subsequently, Bob van der Lelie (Senior Sales Executive, Tinx) maintained regular contact for various joint projects. Both companies have significantly grown in the years since, and the collaboration has been going very well!

Software for customers

“Business Central is the ERP package we focus on. When Business Central is set up and running well for a customer, we often see them moving towards further optimization. This can include warehouse scanning or document capture for scanning purchase invoices, as well as optimizing their e-commerce solutions.”

“When customers are looking for integration between their webshop and Business Central, they often use ‘major e-commerce platforms’ such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. If they are not using one of these e-commerce platforms yet, they often have the desire to migrate to them. Depending on the customer’s needs, we present multiple providers to guide them in making the right choice. If a customer needs a standard integration, Provider A is often sufficient. If they require more specific configuration options, that’s when Tinx comes into play.”

Choosing Tinx Solutions

  1. “Pleasant communication between ABC E BUSINESS and Tinx, where the initial steps in the sales process are already established through our long-term partnership. This allows the customer to establish a good rapport with you, which is important since Tinx will be implementing the integration between Business Central and the webshop for the customer.”
  2. “The comprehensiveness of the product. You can do a lot with it, and if you need more, that’s possible too! This flexibility allows customers not to be limited but to adapt as needed.”

Connector functions in practice

“The two most recent clients are Clip BV and Duca del Cosma. Clip BV uses the Magento Connector, and Duca del Cosma uses the Shopify Connector.

“Clip BV utilizes order, product, and inventory synchronization to exchange data between Magento and BC.” Read Clip BV’s customer case here.

“Duca del Cosma employs a multi-setup where three Shopify webshops are connected to one Shopify Plus backend, which is in turn linked to one BC administration. The synchronized data includes products, PIM (attributes, images, categories, web texts), inventory, customers, orders, and refunds.”

The Tinx solution is so comprehensive and flexible that if the customer can't be assisted with it, then I don't know what else would work 😊!

Lars Hoving, CEO/Eigenaar ABC E BUSINESS

As a partner, how do you experience the communcation between us and the Tinx Connector?

“The benefit for us is that the customer is assisted with an integration solution, remains satisfied, and stays as a customer. The Tinx solution is so comprehensive and flexible that if the customer can’t be assisted with it, then I don’t know what else would work 😊!”

“The communication is excellent! My sales team has a monthly call with Bob to go over ongoing projects. During these calls, the project statuses are discussed, and if necessary, actions are taken to provide the customer with the best possible integration solution.”

What would you tell someone from another company about Tinx?

“Tinx is a professional partner with a clear focus on e-commerce integration solutions. Customers can always turn to you with their questions and needs. What’s a significant strength is that you continually evolve and improve your software.”

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